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kuid2:103021:10101:2 where do i find this? i know its one of lilb's creations but google has not been helpful in finding it.
A wider Google search revealed that an earlier version kuid2:103021:10101:1 is available at [Link and reference removed]

EDIT: Since this asset is available on the DLS, I have removed the link and reference that I originally entered above. I assumed (rather unwisely it seems) that the original poster would have checked the DLS first.
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this kuid in question is for the P5a and is all that is stopping me from using this locomotive with other pensy equipment.
The fact that the same userID and assetID are used indicates that it is the same asset, just an updated version.

kuid2:103021:10101:2 - the 103021 is the UserID, the 10101 is the assetID, the :2 at the end indicates that it is the 3rd update of this asset (using the kuids peculiar counting system).
If it is just a corona, I think I would just change it to :1 in the config file. Given lighting limitations with Trainz, I don't think version :2 can be an earth-shaking revision.
<kuid:547502:100189> <kuid:25285:1091>
Your question or point is?

Both of those assets are showing as <unknown asset> in my copy of Content Manager which means that they:-
  • are not installed in my copy of Trainz
  • are not available on the DLS for downloading
  • possibly may be found on an external ("third party") website whose address is unknown
  • possibly may exist only in the original creators copies of Trainz (they forgot to upload them)
  • possibly may not exist anywhere
Users uploading routes and/or sessions to the DLS that contain <unknown assets> without any guidance as to where they can be found is an all too common problem. Some creators do not use the DLS for distributing their assets and place them as freeware or payware on their own or other web sites - and that is their right. No-one is forced to use the DLS to distribute their assets but it creates the problem that you may just have discovered.

I am going to assume the following likely scenario:

A creator has used these "third party" (non-DLS) assets in a route that they have created and uploaded it to the DLS. They probably did not identify in the route description where these assets came from or possibly did not even realise that their route contains third party assets. You, as an unsuspecting user, have downloaded and installed the route and discovered that it has missing parts.

The missing parts may be totally unimportant (such as a type of grass, or other scenery item) or they may be something important (a locomotive, a driver command, a working industry, a product to be carried, a rail bridge or a type of track, etc). It can be difficult to tell.

The cure:

There is a thread in these forums where you can post the <kuids> of missing assets and hope that someone will know where to find them or you can search through the thread to see if someone else has had the same issue and found a solution. The thread is located at missing-kuids-post-them-here

You could try contacting the route creator - but this does not have a high success rate particularly if the route is an old one. The creator may no longer be active in Trainz.

If the <unknown assets> are simply static scenery items then the route is probably quite usable and, if you have the skills, you can probably replace them with something that you do have installed.

My usual method of dealing with <unknown assets> is to delete the route that contained them and move on with something else unless (and this is rare) I consider that the route is otherwise of such high quality and the missing components of minor importance that is worth the effort to repair and keep it.

Hope this helps and I hope it is what you were asking with your very brief post.

PS: I just did a search for the two users identified as the creators of those assets. One is not listed as a registered user so that asset is definitely from a third party web site and may be suspect. The other has not uploaded anything onto the DLS since Jul 2015 and has never posted anything in these forums.
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