Missing dependency to the FX library


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Hello all, I've been missing this dependency (<kuid2:45324:555201:1>) to the train FX library and I couldn't seem to find a solution. I have deleted and redownloaded the newest version, but the asset was still missing. A TKI search says it's a T:ANE built in. Does anybody know where I can find this missing kuid.
Cheers, ns2616
You will need an older version of the asset in that case - see the sticky in this forum relating to it which will tell you which version you need to get.

This doesn't seem to correct the issue I was trying to fix. The latest version of the FX library for TS2010 is V1.30 which doesn't use that KUID. The reason I needed to get it to work was that I need to fix this error in the SD60E cab mechanism: Error: Could not read file scripts jr_library.gs. It was recommended to me to update to the latest train FX library, but that didn't help as it wasn't meant for my build/ Do you know how to correct this error any other way?

Once you have installed the older version of the FX library try reinstalling the problem cab (although there is a possibility that the cab isn't compatible with your version either).

You must be at TS12 SP1 or above, we recommend Build 61388 specifically for the SD60E to work. The issue is not within the TFX library if you have the correct one for 2010, it is in the fact you need to have TS12. We suggest upgrading as we do not support 2010 and have not done so for close to 2 years now.
Thank you for replying. I will be getting a new system soon and I will definitely upgrade to TS12. I had those SD60Es on my old install of TS2010 and they worked error free, so i was just wondering what the cause might have been for the script not being read by CM. Thanks, ns2616