<missing dependencies> i.e. not updated dependencies in Payware config file



there is still a number of payware items which have the Status "Installed, Missing dependencies, Payware" and thus cause the missing dependencies-status for dependants ( mostly routes or sessions), but can not be repaired.

Route: Kickstarter Country (<kuid2:523:19723122:17>)
status: "Installed, Missing dependencies, Payware"

The dependencies list has no unknown kuid or faulty item, the only "wrong" item is:
YVRR Merced Station (<kuid:303612:39>),
which has the same status "Installed, Missing dependencies, Payware".

The dependencies-list for the YVRR Merced Station lists all requested dependencies, no unknown kuid or faulty item.

The problem is:
The items in the dependencies list are mostly kuid2 items (example: "VSR Station Platform Marker B End <kuid2:60850:22998:1>"),
while in the config-file of the parent-item (YVRR Merced Station) the old kuids are listed (example: "default-mesh <kuid:60850:22998>").

With non-payware items you can manually update the kuid-numbers in the config file and then submit - problem solved.
But with payware item you may manually update the config file, but you cannot submit and have to "revert to original".

Is there a way - other than asking the creator of the payware item - to repair ?
Thank you