Missing dependecies


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Before I pull the program out from the computer, I'll ask.
If I download a scenario and I have missing dependencies that are not on the download station is there a way I can edit whatever was in the consists of the original scenario to get around this problem (by substituting other cars).
I had MSTS and knew how that worked as you could edit the consists & etc as well as the eng. ans wag., etc files in notepad. I don't see how you are supposed to do something similar in Trainz.

Are you talking about sessions or scenarios?

Sessions certainly can be modified in Surveyor.

Scenarios are a different kettle of fish altogether.


Scenarios (that I have downloaded; that is you have a map and the goals and the trains are set but some of the train files are missing (dependencies)). What is the definitioin of a session anyway?
Before I pull the program out from the computer
Don't do that!!! :)

Finding missing dependencies can be right pain but IMHO it's well worth battling on to resolve them. If you can't find any specific items then list their kuid's in a new thread on this forum and someone will probably be able to point you in the right direction.

rgroll, A Session is what you get after you load a route and put some trains on it and save it with a name. They're listed to the right side of the routes in Surveyor and Driver.