Missing couplers

Hey everyone.

I've encountered a weird bug with some of the steam era freight cars from Jointed Rail.

They show up fine in-game, but are missing their couplers.

Any idea why this happens?

One possibility is that the couplers are not included in the mesh, but rather are a dependency that is not included with the car, and needs to be downloaded either separately, or as part of a different asset. Open the config file of one of the assets missing couplers, check the dependency, and make sure you have it installed on your system.

FWIW, on questions like this, it is helpful to those in the community who would be interested in helping you, if you would post a KUID of an asset which is showing the behavior.

Okay then.

Here are the cars that are missing their couplers:
70 & 50 ton flat cars
40ft box cars
PS-3 hoppers
USRA gondolas
PFE and B&URR reefers
Scale Test cars
C&O coal gondola
Oh yeah, I have a problem related to this, I have all the dependencies but Trainz claims I don't. Are the scale cars good? I really want them but they don't work.