Missing Commodities in M.I.N

Shane - I had none of those items enabled so that didn't help. Did a Quick Data Base Repair and that didn't help. Sooo, grasping at straws I went to all the commodities that I had enabled that had a yellow exclamation point and did a Revert to Original. That got rid of most of the yellow exclamations points and that worked!!! Why now? Never had to do this before. Do you think it's because of the build? Anyhow, thanks for replying and trying to help. Hope this helps others who might come across this.
Enabled and installed are two different things - bear that one in mind for the future (as a disabled problem commodity can still cause problems). As for why that's solved the issue, it could have been related to hidden faults.

Yes, I know the difference between enabled and installed. My mistake, I should have said I had none of them installed. Thanks again.