Merging layers into route layer - are all elements merged?


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I wanted to add some track using Transdem.

I have a route with several sessions and several layers.

For testing,I merged all my layers into the route layer and saved my route with a different name.
So far so good.

I added my track using Transdem, into the route with the different name. No problem.

However, when doing a quick drive there is a difference starting from within the route or starting from within the session.

When starting from the session : the driving sessions all start automatically.

When starting from the route : each driver has to be manually started. I also noticed that not all drivers are present.

When merging all layers into the route layer, not all elements seems to be merged from the others layers into the route layer.
Does anyone know the reason for this behaviour?

Thank you.

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Kurt :wave:
You cannot completely eliminate all session layer information. When you merge all session layers into the route layers a session layer will always remain. Save the merged layout, go back to the main menu screen, re-open the route and it will still have a session layer. Session layers contain the rules as well as driver, industry, and environmental settings.

When you start driving from the route without a saved session its driver information is not present.
The layers contain scenery objects (including rolling stock) only. Rules (like driver settings) are saved with the session as session data. The properties, set using the properties dialog, of scenery objects are saved with the session data. In TS12 the properties are additionally saved with the route, every time the route is saved. The names of objects are saved in the config.txt of the map or session, depending on the layer they belong to. Information about the ground and groundtextures is saved with the map, and not part of any layer.

Hello Pware and Peter,

Thank you for your replies.
I should have mentioned that the route is being build in TS2010. I did try to import the route in TS12, but I had to many errors with several objects.

As I decided to continue in TS2010, I guess I will have to search for workarounds to find a suitable solution and perhaps it is better not to work with several added layers and only work with the route and session layers.

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Kurt :wave: