Making YouTube videos of Trainz


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I was wondering how I could make videos of my Trainz sessions, simulations, and game-playing? I'd like to make a collection of videos, then post them on YouTube or something like that. I already have an account on YouTube and know how to upload videos there- its the video-making in Trainz that I dunno how to do.
Yea the only option i know of is downloading the free( or the payware) fraps software and depending on what one you buy( the free one only takes 30 sec videos) you pus a button on trainz etc then in fraps you should be able t oselect a folder where all the take videos go...Then its as simple as adding them together in a movie editing program.

I suggest using Fraps for capture and Virtualdub for video post processing (filters, splicing, audio dubbing etc). The best compression format for saving your video would be a streaming codec like XVID, as YouTube will use it directly without conversion, and retains the original resolution.
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