Ride-Along Videos

Metra Ride-Along video. I wish all the other RR Companies would make videos like this available for us Railfans. Would be nice to ride through my hometown and see other places.

Nice recording. Ty for sharing (y) I'm not a big fan of long, straight, pancake flat runs like this though. Need grades, curves, canyons, river runs. 😊

RailCowGirl's channel on YT is my fave. She operates on The Bergen Line in Norway. Gorgeous run both ways !

4K CABVIEW: Scenic Train Ride On The Bergen Line With A Twist: Diverted Over The Gjøvik Line!

Dave, I was curious about the station at 1:04:00 or so.(Schiller?) Looked like it had some kind of moving readerboard sign at the side of the track, but I couldn't read it.
Rico, nice. It reminds me of where I lived in NE Washington State.
Dave, I was curious about the station at 1:04:00 or so.(Schiller?) Looked like it had some kind of moving readerboard sign at the side of the track, but I couldn't read it.
Rico, nice. It reminds me of where I lived in NE Washington State.
Yes I saw that. I couldn't read it either.
Awesome! Familiar country to me with Trail to Nelson BC. Just north of where I use to live and work in Northport and Kettle Falls Washington. Thanks Dave!
@JCitron , @davesnow, I've got my cousin Michael and his family visiting from Germany this week, so I'll try and watch posted vids as I can. :giggle:

My cousin is an Architect, so I'm going to having a great time showing him around PDX and the great examples of older architecture we have here.

Maybe do some Model Railroad stuff, as he's into that as well. His son Jakob is 15, so just the right age so I can get some quality uncle time in.

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Here's some more.

These are all really interesting.
So, while googling up info on our local lightrail system for my Cousin, I came across some interesting videos on the TriMET Max Lightrail line to share.

This 1st one is not a ride along in the sense of being on the train, but it is a ride along in a drone fly-over, around and inside the Ruby Junction MAX facility and yard.
Drone flight is done by a contracted company, flying inside the consists in the yard, inside the huge, very modern car shop and the units under maintenance (and other jobs) inside the shop.
Really well done segment and really fun to watch ! (y) 😊

Ruby Junction yard and Car Shop - drone fly-through

Real Time ride-along: MAX Blue line - This run travels from the far east side of PDX (Gresham) through eastside PDX surface streets, then the east rail corridor along the I-84 freeway, (parallels the freight/passenger mainline that runs along the Columbia river into the various huge PDX freight yards and the Historic downtown PDX passenger station), then over the Willamette river, near the old K.S Anderson Wharf, concrete grain silo facility (GrainCORP owned) on the river, through downtown PDX, then through the Robertson Tunnel (two 20' bores, one station within the tunnel at Washington Park (Portland Zoo) which at 259 feet (79 m) deep is the deepest subway station in the United States and the fifth-deepest in the world. The tunnels pass through Basalt layers up to 16 million years old. Due to variations in the rock composition, the tunnel curves mildly side to side and up and down to follow the best rock construction conditions. The tunnels vary from 80 to 300 feet (24–91 m) below the surface.

The line continues along Hwy 26 (westbound Freeway) out of PDX and into SW Portland, Cedar Hills, into the Willamette Valley > Beaverton, Willow Creek, and Orenco and terminates at the west end of Hillsboro, Oregon (Washington county seat) This is the line that I ride most frequently. Usually Hillsboro>Beaverton-Portland downtown, or Hillsboro>Beaverton, transfer to the WES commuter train (standard gauge) and on to Tualatin.

The route presently used by WES consists of two historically separate railroads. The segment between Greton (near Tigard) and Wilsonville was originally built by the Oregon Electric Railway in 1908; at Greton the line continued northeasterly to Portland, a route that was abandoned in the mid-1930s. The Oregon Electric stopped running passenger trains in the late 1930s and soon after switched to diesel locomotives, continuing to run freight trains to Beaverton and Portland to the north, and to Salem, Albany and Eugene to the south.

The Tigard branch from Greton to Beaverton was built by the Beaverton and Willsburg Railroad, an affiliate of Southern Pacific beginning in 1906, and opened to traffic in 1910. This route connected with Southern Pacific's existing west-east West Side branch in Beaverton that provided service to Portland and Hillsboro, and a second route south of Tigard to Cook, which was a junction with the Newberg branch between Lake Oswego and McMinnville. In 1914, the Southern Pacific electrified these lines as part of its Red Electric service in competition with the Oregon Electric Railway; by 1929 the Southern Pacific ended electric service, and passenger service was switched first to steam trains and Doodlebugs, and later buses.

MAX Lightrail map

Portland has a nice new system. Boston's is the oldest electrified metro system in the US and the third in the world. The system also has one of the tightest curves too.

Here's a ride on the Green Line, the light rail portion of the MBTA

There are others for the Red, Orange and Blue Lines and also the old Ashmont to Milton PCC trolley line.