Making a spline


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Hi to everyone,,,,,,,,,,,Could someone help me here please?, I would like to make a spline like 46819:37080 but make it wider and I was wondering if there was any tutorials knocking about for just this thing. BTW its a asphalt parking lot.
Any help would be most grateful and well received.
I haven't found anything on general spline objects, but here's a site with tutorials for things like bridges and roads.
I thing what you're after would be like a road without the traffic, so you might want to try that. The Bridge tutorial should tell you how to make a finished edge on the end.
Good luck.

:cool: Claude
Thanks very much for the response Claude, I was begining to think that I had asked an impossible to answer question.
So I will now have a look at what you have suggested and let you know how I get on.
Thanks again
Trying my best here Claude, but when I have set up the grids and put the same dimensions in width height and depth that is in the tut I can see nothing in any of the 4 grids.
Any idea please.
It's probably too small to see. Look on the bottom right corner and find a red 4 pane window frame with a little box in front. Wave the pointer over it and it should say "Zoom Extents All". Click on that button and it will zoom in on your object.
If this is your first try at G-Max you might want to try this tutorial from Gary's Trainz Pages first.
It goes into more detail on how to use and navigate the G-Max program.
Also, you're opening G-Max in the Trainz Asset Creation Studio aren't you? That's important to the process.

:cool: Claude
Hi again Claude ,,,,Well I just could not get to sleep as I had it on my mind and I did not know what I had done wrong, in the end I got up at 3am and got your reply, and you were right I had not started in the asset creation studio, in fact I had not even downloaded it, (didnt know about it).
Anyway I got the other tutorial you suggested as well so now I will have another read before I go any further. What I can say is I dont give up easy and when I have cracked it I will let you know, it might be a PM if its that long.
Anyway you dont know how grateful I am for your help and I wish I was good enough to help you back.
Thanks a lot