Mac Monterey and Trainz 2019


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I have been using trainz, A New Era, on a mac mini (late 2014). Since I have installed Monterey I have problems with surveyor freezing and having to force quit trainz. Support had told me A New Era will not have any updates so my question is, will SP4 for Trainz 2019 for the mac cover running it with Monterey version?
I would advise to ask N3V support. I mainly run on Windows and my '19 Mac install is on Big Sur so I can't say from experience. Running on Mac seems hit and miss depending on specific OS, model, gpu, if Metal.... etc etc etc. I wish a Mac user on Monterey would respond..
Thanks for your response. I understand the requirements but since my Train A New Era is not working on Mac OS Monterey, do you know if Trainz 2019 will work with MAC OS Monterey, either with SP4 or SP5?
My TRS19 SP4 is not running properly on MAC OS Monterey, so I am just waiting for SP5 to be release.