Lost Layout


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Morning everybody
I have a slight problem that I hope someone can assist me with
I downloaded a layout which I enjoyed very much but after accidentally (clumsy me) wiping it clean I do not know its name. I think it had the word 'Branchline' in the name
The route is a mainly forest area with stations called Vincet, Myersville, Hayesville, Clayton and Dudley. There is also a Vincet Lumber and Vincet Power Stn. The route has a very deep valley in the centre with a wide trestle bridge and a narrow gauge railway that ascends the cliffs.
I have tried to download various 'branchlines' but to no avail but this could be because I have recently upgraded my Mac to Yosemite and perhaps this particular route does not like Yosemite.
From this description can anyone recognise the route.
Thanks in anticipation
Tony Tony
I think the one you need is called "the branch line" by Wridenour. The asset is :-