Looking for Standard Green Pullman Heavyweight Cars that will work with Trainz 2012


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i am hitting a wall looking for just a good set of standard any route any RR Pullman Heavyweight Passenger Cars, baggage cars, ob car, the one set i found a nice older set updated the wheel sets are no longer in the library and no sub is offered.
Another set that looked promising and updated from an older version of Trainz also came up with most of the dependencies no longer valid. It is pretty frustrating to find such a shortage of basic parts for a very basic item of rolling stock. Why are they removed from the library when they are clearly needed for such important rolling stock? I do NOT plan to keep getting updated versions of Trainz and just hope to be able to run a set up of good quality basic items. thanks for any help.

Can anyone suggest a good set that IS available? I would appreciate it. thanks. I would like the standard Green used by Pullman in the 1920s.
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I too would like to find some nice Pullman heavy weight passenger equipment, but the passenger equipment available for any era inTrainz is quite dated or not what I'm looking for. It is an area that has long been neglected.

I have a lot of Pullman heavy weight passenger on the DLS that are for TS9-TS12, older ones TRS4-TRS6, use Whitepass or 58422.
Whitepass' Pullmans, at least for being of the green variety, are the best currently available. K&L has some PRR Tuscan Red Heavyweight Coaches but these are not ARN, and are PRR Specific (Specific Trucks etc etc).

There are tons of reskins of Whitepass' Stuff. I do not believe anybody has to date made any "Pullman" skins yet. Also, the set is not complete. Theres a Baggage, Coach and 2 or 3 sleepers available (IIRC), and thats about it. All other skins based on Whitepass' models use these same models as base. His are most definitely the most highly detailed general Heavyweight Passenger cars currently available anywhere on Trainz.

Hi Gentlemen and thanks and thank you Whitepass, your cars are wonderful but...the trucks are missing from the library for some of them so i could not download them. that was why i asked for help.I will be happy to make the new skins if Whitepass will allow me, once i find full sets of what is needed.

I had searched for 2010 and 2012 only so that maybe why i could not find all of what was available that may work for 2012, i will try again thank for the replies.

UPDATE: ok good, i found some of Whitepass's cars that look great..they will work fine. thanks for the leads and the posts. And i was able to find the gear for them too.
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If you want some easy-to-reskin heavyweight passenger cars, it's best to go with magicland's passenger cars. Though they're outdated, they're relatively easy to reskin, even with my limited experience in reskinning. If you're looking for a program to use to do your reskins, I use GIMP to make mine.
Hi and thanks, just found Magiclands also, I have done some past work at the making side of things but thanks I do use GIMP for some work, photoshop for most of it, and do appreciate the post. I havent had a chance to see Magicland's cars up close yet, Whitepass has done great work with his, it is nice to find that there are more Pullman cars around than I had first thought. Thanks again for all of the help.