Looking for session tester (and fixer)


Holder of a broom
As some of you might know, I have successfully made about 10 scenario sessions in the past. Yet apparently I am getting rusty or I am overlooking something stupid and as a result I can't get the current session I am working on, to be used with my latest released route, to work.

So I decided to post this call out for help.

I am looking for someone who is willing to find out what I am doing wrong in a session I have build and, most important, can fix the mistake I am making.
Some requirements:
- You have to have TANE Delux SP1 or higher installed (and willing to download my latest route).
- You have to be able to write fluent English or Dutch.
- You have a good understanding of some session rules, specifically the "Navigation Point" related rules and the Consist Check rule.
- You need to have commitment; not just say "sure" and not able to act within a week or two.

If you are willing to help me out:
Thank you very much!​
Not only by me but of course also by those people that like to play pre-setup sessions.
I will send you a link via PM to download the WIP session.

If you fix it you get my respect (or in some cases just more respect) and the fun of having been able to point me at my stupidity and you helped others getting an other hour or so of joy in a session.

Currently the session goes wrong about 8-9 minutes in (of an estimated total 45-50 minute duration), so you don't have to play hours to get there.

No, I currently really am not willing to post the details about it or post screenshots or whatever. I really need someone to stick his/her fingers in and tell me "you did something stupid there and this is how I fixed it". Also, please don't reply if you are one of those people that call themselves "beta tester" but in reality are only interested in free stuff. The session will end up on the DLS (if I ever get it fixed) eventually anyway.

Thanks for reading. Looking forward to finding a helping hand.
Unfortunately I have no experience of scenario sessions, although I've made 20 plus ordinary sessions. One thing I have successfully done is configure the consist check rule. However the game will not allow screen shots with the rules open... and I don't use a hosting service. So in text, the rule is set up with "Ordered List", indent one "Trigger Check", immediately below (not indented) "Ordered List", then indented and all immediately below, "Trigger Check", "Consist Check". What you add below that depends on what you want done. I have "Message Popup" followed by "Set Junctions" "Wait" (300 secs) and another "Set Junctions." In my case the two triggers are different, but that's because of multiple running across the same section of track.
Don't know if that helps...
I would like to take a look at it for you. I have released a few routes and sessions. I am getting ready to release one that has 64 industries, 38 AI driven trains doing there thing. I have both the SP3 DRM Free version 94829 and the SP4 102323.
Hi Guys - I also considered offering to fix the session. Downloaded the route but only the essential dependencies (my FCT has expired).

When I saw the route I was not so enthusiastic about it. After removing the rulers I saved the route in my SP3 Deluxe version. The route now uses 74.7MB. There are still 53 TUME houses and other assets that show: Not Installed, Payware (not active).

You do realize, don't you, that any session fixed in a later version will not be compatible with the original SP1 version?