Looking for Canadian Routes?


Now T:ANE I can get into
I'd like to do some virtual railroading in the Great White North.
Does anyone have a favorite Canadian route they'd recommend downloading?

Any version of TRS is okay.
I'd recommend the CPR Slocan Lake Division. (May have some deps not on DLS.) However, I haven't used it since mid-2012, so IDK about the layout of the route.
Check out the "Western Pacific King" or "Tillamook RR". Tillamook is not a Canadian route but has mountain running.
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(^) Freeware Kicking Horse Pass, built for TS2010

Theres a Payware one out too by a different author. Can't remember his Web URL and a quick search in Google didn't turn it up, so Im missing something obviously. I know its out there though. The whole CP Mountain Division (I think?) for like $70-$80 USD. Personally I just got the Freeware version, but a number of people have said good things about the payware version. /shrug.

Also, be sure to pick up the Royal Hudson available on BDneal's site.