Looking for hanging/ceiling mounted light assets


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Hey everyone,

I'm looking to try and find some assets depicting lights hanging from or mounted to the ceiling for use in my engine houses. I'd like something similar to a hanging lightbulb with a lamp shade attached, can anyone recommend any assets? I've searched the DLS, but am having trouble finding anything.
Hi Vince,

I'm sure there must be many others, but I made one for Thai1On last year, which is just the bulb and shade. It's on the DLS as Platform lamp 01 <kuid:68213:28050> and has a TANE trainz-build (4.2). If you wanted it hanging on an electrical cord, I could make that, but it would not be tiltable, just hanging vertically down.

~ Deane


An overhead platform lamp that casts a conical gradient of white light in nightmode. There is no fixed ground plane of light included, but suitable nightmode light pools (such as kuids 68213:21078 to :21094) can be placed independently below it. The lamp can be tilted in Surveyor by rotating it while pressing the Shift key.

Poly count: 348 triangles/1 material in the day, plus another 192 triangles/1 material at night. Made in 3DS Max 2012. Requested by Thai1On.


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Thanks for the offer Dinorius, I'd like to take you up on it if you're willing. A version hanging from an electrical cord would be very nice to have. I'll also check out the original asset, as it seems quite useful as well.
Send me an e-mail with info on what the cord length and colour should be. My address should be in the config.txt of Platform lamp 01. I’ll need this so I can send you a CDP file of the asset for checking before I upload it to the DLS.
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Thank you. I'll need to do a bit of checking on my route first to see about general estimates, and I'll get back to you soon. Thanks for being willing to help!