Looking for a Whistle Sound


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Hi Everyone

Can anyone point me to a two or three part hornsound that sounds like the one heard at around 2:20 in this video?
It needs to be built in or on the DLS. All I know about the real whistle is that it is some sort of chime and was probably supplied by the Vulcan Foundry of Newton-le-Willows, Lancashire.


There is a site that lists a number of various US type whistle/horn sounds which includes one similar to the one you are wanting. I lost the web address in a big PC crash some months ago but some of the US people who post on this forum will know it. I though it was Obos Horn sound but couldn't find it under that address but its something like that. It has a variety of chime sounds from 2 chime to 6 chime ones. You can play them and listen to each and then select the one you want. Good luck
Thanks for the link, but it needs to be from the DLS, otherwise I'll be inundated with messages from people with missing dependencies...