New Hornsounds Playing as VERY Loud Static??

Hi all,

Recently I started having a problem where any new hornsounds I make play as a loud, high-frequency static sound. All the ones I made from before a few months ago still work perfectly fine, however. Interestingly, it doesn't seem to only be a problem with TRS2019; I made a sound mod for Sonic Mania in 2020 and, once again, all my custom sounds from 2020 work fine, but any sounds I've modified in the past couple weeks play as loud static. The only change I can possibly think of that I may have made recently was updating Audacity for the first time in a long time, which seems to have caused nothing but trouble up to now. I've been exporting all hornsound audio files as .wav, 44100 hZ, mono... however, maybe my encoding settings were changed when I updated Audacity? Right now I have the encoding set to Signed 32-bit PCM. And what's also interesting is that I modified a few music tracks recently on Sonic Mania, which requires .ogg format... and they play perfectly fine. So in the end, hopefully I just need to change my .wav export settings.

Regardless, I have an unlisted YT video demonstrating the error. Be warned, however, the static noises are VERY loud and high-frequency, so I recommend turning volume down before playing the video.

Thank you in advance for any solutions offered!


It was as simple as re-exporting all my sound files with Signed 16-bit PCM encoding, rather than Signed 32-bit PCM.
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