Looking for a building…

I guess I have just not found the right search words to find what I’m looking for on DLS. I’m working on a route based on a friends HO layout. I need a flat roofed or two story factory / warehouse building with both ends open to let 4 tracks pass through the building to allow cars to be unloaded. It will be worked by a plant switcher. I would think this is available at DLS but have not found it.
There are many warehouses like that and factory buildings on the DLS. The problem is they are not described the way you think they should and are elusive. If you can post a picture of what you want, we can probably find something like it, or offer suggestions on how to scratch build a configuration similar to what you are looking for.
If you cannot find exactly what you want have you considered creating it from a number of assets perhaps placing building open at only one end back to back with a the same or similar building. Peter
Worth checking out some of the Russian and Eastern European assets on the DLS. “Fabrika” should throw up a few.
I think "JR Large Steel Shed" is a simple shed wide enough for four tracks. Then find suitable factory buildings to set on both sides???

JR Industry Building #15 has 3 track run throughs on one end and one track on the other. Set two side by side with one rotated and you have a good sized complex with 4 pass throughs in the center.
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There are two authors you might want to look into.
jkeenan and jjslllS54 (those are 3-lowercase Ls)

One of these guys has a factory or warehouse that has inside delivery and may even be a spline. The asset handles a single track but multiples of these can be placed next to each other and even overlap them to suit.