Long Beach to Penn Station a ride on the Long Island Railroad.


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A view from the front door taken on the Long Island Railroad on this one-hour trip into Penn Station.

The video starts with a short discussion with the train driver regarding the controls and interior of the cab in the lead car. Retired Railfan then steps into the passenger compartment and zooms through the front door and out the front window to show us the trip from Long Beach into Penn Station in New York City.

The Long Island is a commuter railroad and was once controlled by the Pennsylvania Railroad. This is still evident by those famous position light signals, although modern upgrades and replacements have removed them in some locations and have put in colored lights in their place. Being primarily a commuter railroad, there's no freight on these lines and there are some pretty steep grades with 3rd rail used for power and speeds up to 80 mph in some locations.

The trackwork is amazing near Penn Station with all the point work and is even more crazy since this continues underground at Penn Station.

On this trip we see EMUs and some diesel-hauled commuter trains.
This is really cool! I love how there is constant movement of other trains on the line. I love busy scenes like that. I might make a diorama of this...