A trip on the Long Island Railroad - Penn Station to Ronkonkoma


Trainzing since 12-2003
Here's a cab ride on the Long Island Railroad. The train leaves Penn Station and heads east out to Ronkonkoma via Jamaica, Bethpage, and other stations including Farmingdale and Central Islip. Pay close attention to the complex trackage and the number of trains around Jamaica. While in the station here, the switch ahead of the train switches to and from the position it's in when the train pulls in. When the train exits the Penn Station tunnels, the catenary changes from Pennsylvania to New Haven where the track splits off to the left as it rises up to cross over the Hells Gate Bridge. The train, however, is running on third rail all the way to Ronkonkoma. There are also some dual-mode Long Island DM3ac's pulling their matching bilevel passenger cars.

The signals are the original Pennsylvania signals along with some newer colored light signals. The old Pennsy once had control of the wholly owned Long Island Railroad back in the day. Gone are the old Alco C420s and RS3s pulling passenger trains as well as the Pennsylvania MP54s with third-rail pickup instead of catenary. Today we have Bombardier M-series train-sets and the freight is run by the New York and Atlantic. There is a bit of freight activity on this run as the train gets out near Central Islip.