Link to a greate database of norwegian material


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Hi all,

Just wanted to llet you all know about a greate site (in norwegian)
they have a database of all norwegian consist on norwegian railroad. from the first steam trains to the new supertrains ;)

To get to the database klikk here

EDITED: I have also now started a little document about the Old Vossebanen, its a old mainline that are a museum railroad today.
Link to Pdf Document:

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Hi Christian

Great site well worth a visit many thanks for the link
Regards, Bob V

No problem trackplate, glad to help. Hope more people will visit it to make some Norwegian train to. not much here only the NOHAB and some have the El18

But hopefully some god 3D Makers will make some great trains. unfortunately there isn't any spec prints to look at. but i think it says the length and weight of the trains at least :)

i have also started to make a document on a railroad layout i would like to start design. need to do some more research first but have added some text and images of the consist of the line. It is the Old Vossebanen in Bergen, Norway. today it is a railway museum. they drive a c18 steam engine with old tree wagons from jun 10 to September every Sunday. I live right at the line of the railroad so i thought i would go out some day and take some photos of it and the surrounding terrain.

At least i have started the research now :)

and here are some pics of the 18c #255 built in Hamar, Norway in 1913 ;)