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Hi all, I'm having trouble finding a scrub spine ? and was hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction. Don't know the creator or the what it's even called for sure? Really don't want to have to DL every tree on the DL to find it

I wish I could, it's no longer in my library of content. This Pic is from before I lost the route and all my backup disks. I'm trying to reconstruct what has been lost by old in game shots .

Those are a spline I think by JVC.

Some kind of bushes.

If you want place-able objects, look at Forest Summer, and Forest Summer Bushes. There are some that are in strips like that and there are some individual clumps.
( leksie ):D That would be it, would you know the kuid or maker, would help greatly:) ( JCtron & MeowRailroad ) Thanks for your reply's , was my first stop to the DL . But it wasn't ether of them, did find some really great replacements.

Again thanks for all your help guys