Lets have a holiday thard!!!

Apparently we are not allowed to watch the video linked via the forum and have to go to YouTube.

Nice idea though :)
I think you misunderstood me.

If I try to watch the movie, I get shows me "Watch this video on YouTube. Showing it on other websites is disabled by the owner of the video."
Translation might be different; I get the Dutch version of that text.

It had nothing to do with the forum rules.
So no, I am not kidding you. I am telling you what I experience.
I can confirm what oknotsen has said - I also get the same message (although mine is in English).

It's usually if embedding has been disabled that causes that error.

That train reminds me of those ones that you see at holiday train displays! A candy cane boxcar, an eggnog tanker, a present car. etc.