Less than expected TANE performance with RX Vega and Ryzen


Hello all,

I recently had a custom PC built, and I'm finding that the results when gaming are not much higher compared to what I was seeing on my previous system, which had a Radeon RX 480 GPU and an FX-8320 CPU. I've looked through the forums here and cannot seem to find anything that improves anything. My specs:

Radeon RX Vega 56
AMD Ryzen 7 2700x
ROG Crosshair VII Hero
16 GB Corsair RAM
Windows 10 Home

I am running TANE SP3, build 94829, under the following settings:
Vertical Sync: Full
Shadow Quality: Off
Texture Detail: High
Post Processing: Low
Water Quality: High
Antialiasing: 4x
Detail Update Rate: Ultra
Draw Distance: 8000 m
Use Multiple Render Threads: Yes
Use Texture Streaming: Yes
Use PhysX: No
Process Objects Behind Camera: Yes

The FPS on most routes, without any trains, seems to be right around 60 with full vertical sync. In highly populated areas, I have seen it drop as low as 29 FPS, which happened on Jointed Rail's Tidewater route and The ECML King's Cross route in London. Even when the FPS count is high, though, there is an occasional stutter or jitter, and moving objects can appear to "jump" a little bit. Performance is not a deal-breaker by any means, but I expected to see more of an improvement with my new system over the old one. Perhaps it's just that my expectations are too high. Does this performance sound normal with my hardware?
Well I'm no expert and have a Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 Ti video card. It's good but can get a bit jumpy on the ECML King's Cross route as well. From what I've read, it's better to have the vertical sync set to half, but others will no doubt be more knowledgeable.
60fps is max at full synch. You need None to go higher, but then you will get more stuttering.

We've been working in the stutter, jitter for years. TRS19 is better, TRS19 SP1 is better again, and the next Trainz Plus update will be better again. We keep on making optimisations as there are many many different systems in play that cause variations in drawing the frames to the screen (way over my head to understand it all).

dOg: I have the same system except that I have an RTX 2070 card. I run everything on max except for post processing. I have no jitters at all and FPS ranges from 30 upwards to 100+.
Some routes that are high detail will bring even a several thousand dollar video card to its knees and have bad frame rates if all the performance sliders are set to full
Radeon RX Vega 56 according to reviews is the weakest Vega GPU, however it is better than the RX 480 but probably not by the amount you are expecting, it is better than a GTX1060 which will run TANE well on mid range settings with shadows.

Try turning off Texture Streaming and or Multiple Render Threads, experiment and drop the Draw distance to 5000m.

ECML is a killer on pretty much any GPU.