Legacy of the BN?


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Not trying to jump the gun. But won't let me open the page from the ad banner on your site to see what its about. Really excited to see what it'll include. Also, can't access much of anything else product wise either, though I can get to my account stuff.

Seriously excited to see what the new module will include.

In due time sir, were working on putting up some of the rotating banners for new things coming. You'll see more info on that and more in the coming days

That is currently sitting on their website..... Copyright/TM/Ownership = JointedRail. Borrowed for shameless promotion purposes for JR.

Super excited to see what it'll contain, those are those SD-9's that wearsprada was teasing us with pics of earlier in that shot.....
Lot's of new stuff coming, new modules, new engines, new rolling stock, new industries, passenger stuff, complete shortlines, etc! Stay tuned and keep watching the site!