Layout Extensions


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When creating a route, i allways seem to only be given a little square of terrain to build on! I was wondering how do you extend this as i have seen layouts with 25+ miles of track!

as until i gain help im stuck with only tiny layouts

Thanks in Advance!!!
Merge maps

I have just downloaded "The Greatest Route In The World NORTH" and I have also downloaded "The Greatest Route In The World SOUTH". How do I merge (join together, put together, make into one) these two routes to make "The Most Greatest Route In The World NORTH SOUTH Merged"?

Thanks for any help on how to do this in 2004 and 2006.
As said above, in Surveyor in the route you want to merge another, click on the top left menu where you get an option to "merge route". In the menu popping up choose the one route you want to merge with your existing one and once clicked on shift the to be merged route to the square where you want this to be joined.

If the 2 routes to be merged are at different heights (and some are), place some or as many empty squares in between your two routes to allow for the difference in height.


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