Size of the Baseboard


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I'm only getting started with surveyor for the first time, so hopefully this isn't a silly question. (Apologies in advance)
When getting started creating a new route, how do you set the size of the area where the route will be located?
(I think I saw this called the backboard?). I seem to have much too small an area to work on, as if I'm creating a model
train layout on a sheet of plywood, rather than a route in the real world with longer track lengths and broader curves.
Thanks for any tips!
It defaults to a single baseboard to start. To add baseboards, follow the instructions below. NOTE: it may be different in 22, I don't know:

In surveyor (editor) select "Topology" or F1 (top right side tab).
Just above the word "Advanced" is a small icon with a red down arow, "Add/Update ground". Click on the icon so it is highlighted.
Click just in front of your current board's edge where you want to place the new one.
The new board will then be added.
In addition to what Forester1 has mentioned, The baseboard is a set size, and the smallest unit available. Just add more to make it bigger. In real-life scale, a baseboard is 720 metres square. If you are going to use scale sizes, it will be different, as an HO scale baseboard is 8.3 metres square, while an O-Gauge baseboard is 15 metres square.