laptop for tane

I think you need to match the hardware of the laptop against the minimum requirements for TANE.

I personally would never buy a laptop for gaming as they usually have an average or below average graphics card (very important for TANE and gaming in general) and you usually can not replace components 1 or 2 years from now to make it meet the new requirements.
I hate to disappoint, but that is not listed as a gaming laptop, for many non-Amazon sites. GTX950M 2GB DDR3 graphics is using technology a few years back, just labeled with a newer number. Should at least use GDDR5 type memory, I'd personally recommend 3 GB or more. The CPU is the power conserving type, so it may work, but the RAM is kind of low, 8 GB, yeah it will start the application T:ANE, but will it be fun to use, not frustration and waiting? That also does not have an SSD, which is fine, but again do you want to actually use and enjoy or do you have a lot of time and patience? You would be better off with an Asus ROG (Republic of Gaming) G751 series. First thing you will see, the ROG series has way better cooling solution, never overheats and actually will not burn your lap. Here's the defining picture that does it for me, and shows it is not a gaming laptop, look at the cooling slot on the side:


Now compare that to the Asus ROG G751 series, take notice that it has TWO huge exhausts and shoots them out the back, not struggling with a single slim side slot:

The pricing will only cost about $300-$400 more for the lower level model, and still be way better, in my opinion. Yeah, Alienware and MSI do make great gaming laptops too, but I have this, so that is why I presented this info.
I agree with oknotsen, if you can find the space a desktop is by far the best choice for a gaming PC.

Also 8 GB ram is not enough, 16 GB will be OK.

I've not checked the spec in detail but the graphics card may be a bit lightweight as well.
Here's some info on the video card (GPU chip actually).

It's rated as a mid-upper range model, however, the caveat is the slightly older ones are a bit slower as they use the older RAM so you need to be careful with that. Since this is an older model laptop, you may want to keep this in mind as the reseller and manufacturer maybe rebilling the older model as a gaming machine which it is not, at least in the Trainz sense. By this I mean all recent versions of Trainz, which can really beat up a machine and in particular portables.

I run trainz 12 and the default routes usually run very nicely while others at times can be a bit slower. You'll just have to try it out but going with a nicer laptop like the one with dual exhaust would be worth every penny.