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I would need someone explain me the following behavior:
I have TANE 94916 (I don't mention it for someone to use it as an excuse for such behavior anyway) I installed <kuid2:68213:28046:1> Turntable NZ 30m 4 by dinorius_redundicus via original cdp file from DLS, it has 2 deps, one built-in and another one available on the DLS according to info from CM. It was <kuid:661281:44011> TANE Trk Oak - Snow Lite by Auran, I clicked right mouse button and selected Download, which started process of downloading of 14 items (althought this asset has only 12 deps even recursively), downloading finished with 2 errors, <kuid2:661281:44014:127> and <kuid2:523:19723346:8> were reported as not downloaded and installation of those two cancelled as per the pop up window called "Task complete" (none of these 2 errors are included in the logs). I have experience, that this way marked assets are downloaded into the CM cache anyway so I forced download again for <kuid2:523:19723346:8> and listed all asset versions for <kuid2:661281:44014:127> which showed <kuid:661281:44014> as available. I forced the download of this version which succeeded without any downloading progress (as mentioned, in cache already). I tried to find the reason why CM askes for 127 version of the dependency (this is rather often and continuous issue of trainzers in general accross the Trainz versions) and I couldn't find any reference to kuid without 2 or kuid2 without number after last colon in the configs of all <kuid:661281:44011> deps, BUT I have found in half of those deps another interesting thing: the configs included reference to both kuid and kuid2 versions of the same sub-dependency either in the mesh-table container as well as in the kuid-lists of the relative configs (all Auran's 661281). May this be the reason for those mysterious errors? Thanks in advance for any info, confirmation of the behavior, and eventually thanks to N3V in advance for message that it is not possible to replicate those errors...
I just downloaded and installed the same asset, <kuid2:68213:28046:1> Turntable NZ 30m 4, from the DLS. It installed on Trainz Plus build 117092 with just 1 warning and 0 errors. The asset had 7 dependencies that were also downloaded:-

<kuid:661281:44011> TANE Trk Oak - Snow Lite
<kuid:661281:44012> TANE Trk Oak Chairs-Left - Snow Lite
<kuid:661281:44013> TANE Trk Oak Chairs-Right - Snow Lite
<kuid:661281:44014> TANE Trk Oak Mesh - Snow Lite
<kuid:661281:44015> TANE Trk Oak Rail-Left - Snow Lite
<kuid:661281:44016> TANE Trk Oak Rail-Right - Snow Lite
<kuid2:661281:44017:1> TANE Trk Oak Sleepers - Snow Lite

The warning was for the asset <kuid:661281:44014> TANE Trk Oak Mesh - Snow Lite - kuid:661281:44014> : TrainzAssetAccessorFolder::OpenAssetFileForReading> failed payload open on file 'C:/Users/pwwar/AppData/Local/N3V Games/trs22/build sd6ccvr61/cache/temp/copytempsrcg18c9f8v79/rail copy.tga' for '' - whatever that means.

Going through the download and install log, additional dependencies were skipped at various times.

; <kuid2:523:1216:3> : Skipping fully installed asset 'TANE Trk Rails Only'
; <kuid2:523:19723345:9> : Skipping fully installed asset 'TANE Trk Oak Chairs-Left'
; <kuid2:523:19723343:9> : Skipping fully installed asset 'TANE Trk Oak Rail-Right'
; <kuid2:523:19723342:9> : Skipping fully installed asset 'TANE Trk Oak Rail-Left'
; <kuid2:523:19723346:8> : Skipping fully installed asset 'TANE Trk Oak Chairs-Right'
; <kuid2:523:19723344:8> : Skipping fully installed asset 'TANE Trk Oak Sleepers'
; <kuid2:523:1216:3> : Skipping fully installed asset 'TANE Trk Rails Only' - this line appeared 3 times
; <kuid:661281:44014> : Skipping fully installed asset 'TANE Trk Oak Mesh - Snow Lite' - this line appeared 6 times but was one of the downloaded assets and was obviously a recursive dependency of the other assets

Hope you can make sense of this.
At some point in the past, you have downloaded those two assets and the turntable skipped them because they are already installed. Your 127 version was downloaded when an incorrect kuid was given to the original asset and Trainz converted it to a kuid2 and a 127 version. These 127 errors were later corrected to give the correct kuid and version number. If you delete any 127 version and redownload it you will have the correct kuid version number.
pware thanks for feedback, so Your TRS22 messages quite differ.... I checked log for one more time to find
VE189: Collision data exceeds 64KB and has been simplified. Consider using a different generation method or a simplified mesh.
for 3 from those 12 deps. You obviously had some 5 deps already installed/built-in. If You would open those 661281 of the deps, You would see those kuid&kuid2 duplications in the configs....
I also wonder how already installed dependency might be downloaded again as it would be missing while it is not.... <kuid:661281:44014>
stagecoach I am sure I had never ever installed that one asset which CM marked me to download as missing, second was marked as built-in. There was non kuid2 and non 127 version of its subdependence downloaded in the backround but Trainz asked for 127 version even when no such reference was in the dependant assets.
"failed payload open on file...." Happens from time to time, even had it on my own assets when committing them, however they alway install without anything missing. I just ignore it now.

It probably made sense to "someone" to include the kuid and kuid2 in the config as Trainz sometimes, think it was a bug in one of the versions, has a problem finding a newer version if the old one isn't installed already, fixed by installing the old version whereupon Trainz magically recognises the new one. It didn't ask for a 127 version of anything here, as just downloaded it.
I didn't download the turntable through the CM but through the ftp as the cdp file and installed it as a file. Who knows what may make the difference...