Thanks, Oh understood that's cool/ Umm How come defiectoers size too long ears can chance to size? Guess Mars light yellow or white blink light?

I had that problem with my own kitbash. Unfortunately, as far as I'm aware, there's no way to change the size of the deflectors unless you edit the model file using something like Blender, which, as far as I've been able to see, is impossible at the moment.
I got kitbash so far. I know about mars light and don't know light how do work blink light? I still looking for cover air compressor on front by boiler(NKP) Hudson)

Let me know

Kitbashing *should* be the gateway drug that finally gets you 3d modeling. A little perseverance and time and you can make what you need yourself.
Also, you may need to create 3D models for kitbashing. For example, if you're making an SP U-Boat you want to have a mars light protruding from the cab roof. Since no known mars lights like that are available standalone, you'll need to make your own, which comes to a bonus as you are able to freely distribute the 3D model of the mars light, strengthening the kitbash community. I've always wanted to make an SP U33C from the SCL C30-7, but I've needed a mars light from somewhere. Maybe I'll make my own.