Kitbash houseblock replacer (tutorial)


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Some may have seen screens, where I try to revive an old route from patgerard
Paris Gare de Nord - Creile. It is a lovely old school route north of Paris
Many items were used from La France en Trains, and they seem gone
They released several content packs while I had my 11 year break from Trainz.
Never had a chance to buy them, so I need replacer items for this route.

When I have missing kuids, I made and use my own temp replace tool
its a transparent box 10x10x10m with on both sides a text with the kuid
also I made ground texture replace tool with color and an R

When I located them in the route I have to find a replacer item
in this case, It is a house block of 40x30 meter

In Content manager, I made a filter, showing houses (maison in french)
already used in the route, then the kitbash process begins
within the grid I placed 3 houses and 3 house groups,
to form a closed building block of 40x30m

Then made a config, much like a consistfile we have for trains
each house and block has to be positioned and rotated from the center point.
If you ever used AutoCAD it works like a block.
Last step is bulk asset replace.

in the example config you can download, you can see how its done
In our new TRS22 Surveyor 2 we can do this with the scrapbook feature
just guessing it works behind the scenes kinda like what I do here.

<kuid:99999:25076> houses40x30kb25076
end of kitbash house block :)
enjoy GM
TY both

it also kinda enhances our hobby
By gradually replacing and finding stuff, you slow see the route come to life
like it was in the old days when building your modeltrain layout.

We all love routes that are complete with all assets, but actually having to work for it
is much more rewarding and you really get to know the route.

made kitbash street 170m 5k poly :)
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