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This is mainly a question for the victorian people but if anyone else knows please answer.

When i was at my local hobby shop i saw an american diesal that looks exactly like the VR Y Class And a british loco that looked like the F Class(diesal). Where there any modifacations done when brought to australia or will all i have to do is buy and paint and it will look right.

lol Seems no one can help me then.;)
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I might be able to help on the British loco but obviously I would need more information, especially a photograph. With out any more clues I am currently thinking of an English Electric Company export loco.

The british loco (Class 08) is similar but not the same as an F. The Roco model is closer if I remember correctly. You can still get the hornby one and repaint it, and it will look good.

As for the US loco, unless you want to make a completely new loco it really isn't anything like a Y. I would suggest you wait for the Austrains one, will be much more realistic :) There are some kits for the Y class available, and these do require a chassis (From an American loco I believe), but aren't available anymore last I saw.

Pic of a VR F class, from the Mark Bau's VR site ( power/pics/f206ros.jpg

I would suggest the class 08 repainted in VR livery, with the required modifications (I think it's mostly the shunters steps and the pilots). I would be happy just putting said shunters steps on and correct pilots :)
When I guessed English Electric I was thinking along the lines of a class 37 look a like, I didn't realise that an 08 type loco made it down under. Do you know if they were imported or locally built?

In fact I think you will find the VR F class is actually more closely related to the BR class 11. This was an English Electric design sold in several countries including Australia and Holland. The 11 was actually a precursor of the class 08 which is still the most numerous British shunter after 50 odd years in service. You ought to be able to tweak an 08 model to look like a VR F without too much trouble.

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Was just discussing this with bloodnok actually. The main difference we came up with is the frames. There is a (approximately) 3.25in different there. Might see how well this goes, if I ever get myself a hornby class 08 :p
There might be one problem with finding kits.:eek:
Im one of those "stupid" people who picked australian N-Guage.:slaps head:
I Really diddn't know it looked nothing like the Y Class it looked close when i saw it.
No worries anyway its just since theres little to none aussie stuff( or very expensive) i saw the offer of 2 cheap VR diesals but wasn't sure about them.
Ah, I though you were HO/00. If it's N gauge, then kit bashing may be easier. Still, if you can get your hands on a BR class 08 (or similar) and repaint you should be fine. You can also get VR and FA X class locos by powerline, plus there are a number of kits by Aust-N-Rail (Same group make a RTR GY wagon, in a few numbers and in red or yellow).