Kansas City Southern


Southern Route Builder
I'm planing to release KCS layout. The layout is about KCS lines and a little bit of UP lines in Northern Louisiana and Mississippi. The line will start at Shreveport's Deramus Yard and on the KCS Vicksburg in to Vicksburg. It will include KCS Alexandria Sub and various UP lines and short lines. Later on I will release another version of the and it will be bigger. Here is a list of Railroads that run on the lines KCS,UP,CSX,CN,NS,MRL,BNSF. The Alexandria Sub is based on CSX and KCS trains from New Orleans, which will be in the next version.Here is a couple of pics of the real line.
Sounds very interesting coalguage, there is a definate lack of Kansas routes available on the DLS. Is this a standard guage model and is it for TRS2004 or 06 or TC please....

Cheerz. ex-railwayman.
May we see some screenies? :D

I have family out near Deramus yard on Cross Lake, so I've been out that way more than a few times. :D
I haven't had much time this week to work on my route. I can tell every body one thing the trackwork is 89% done. I'm going to work hard to get the route released before the summer is out, but it will be done.