July Ohio trip. Northwest 3602/1492 and amtrak 51/5


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Well, another month, another trip!
This month's trip started on Tuesday around 8 in the morning when mom woke me up and we got ready to go. This trip I got assigned "Pack mule" as i was carrying my bag, my moms bagpack, and our laptop. We got to the airport around 9ish and walked to the Northwest check-in which delta is slowly starting to take over. The counter agent was still trying to figure out the new delta system so it took us awhile to get our bag through. but finally it went. We walked to security and proceeded through. Was kinda a funny thing though. I had to take the laptop out of its case, the xbox out of my suitcase (don't ask me, wasn't my idea to bring it), and the router out of my mom's bagpack. (I am SO glad there won't be security when we go on amtrak). During security my little sisters bag ripped open and things went everywhere. So after security we brought her a new bag at a store behind security. The it was a quick rush to gate 4. Followed by us getting sqeased into a CRJ-900 (tiny little regional jet) for the first flight to minneapolis/st paul. THe flight went well (my sister didn't like it because i got the window). We made a rather bumpy landing in st paul and grabbed a sandwich at TGI ridays to go. On the way to TGI fridays my little sister started nagging my mom for pizza. My mom didn't want to pay the $10 they wanted for a tiny personal pan. but the cheesesticks where only $3 so she was gunna buy 3. when we got to the counter the lady could hardly speak english. We said "cheese bread" and she brought back garlic bread. after a little bit of talking she said "oh" and went back and brought us breadsticks that had been sitting on the counter for god knows how long. we repated our order twice. then left for TGI Fridays.
One thing at the airport I thought was kinda neat, was this giant vending machine you could buy cellphones and electronics in. I don't need anything new but it was fun to watch (not shure i would want to put $300 in a vending machine.....).
Our next flight was Delta 1492 (which i was kinda scared of due to american 1492). It was one of northwests DC-9's that had been repainted into delta colors and refurbished. Out of all our luck the TSA decided to do a random screening at the gate, and out came all the electronics again. Best part was, my sister was still upset we didn't get pizza, then..... the seats we where assigned where in the last row. which on the DC-9 means no window. She was mad to say the least. She got even worse when the engines started. I loved the sound that came with that. During taxi i saw one of deltas new repaitned 747's takeoff, rare sight for me. Our takeoff was kinda fun. It seriously hurt at full throttle sitting next to JT8-D's. Drink and snack service took the crew forever. (Didn't bother me because i fell asleep, the noise and vibration it makes are good sleeping remedys) They got to us by the time we where descending and barely had time to sit down. followed by a smooth landing at colombus. We ended up pulling in at the new concourse C which had our friend who was picking us up lost because we normally arrive at concourse B.

On the 2nd of Augest we go back to colorado on amtrak. We leave South Portsmouth at almost 11 at night on #51 the cardinal. we get into chicago the next day early in the morning. we have an almost 5 hour layover then we board #5 the california zepher to denver.