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There goes a...train!
Hey all,

So I got a problem and I'm wondering if there's any cure, and if anyone else also has this issue. It seems that sometime in the last year I noticed a change in the jr track/truck sounds in my TS12 installation. Unlike previously, I now cannot hear the sounds of the cars rolling along unless I am zoomed right up next to the cars. From even a few meters away the track sounds are silent. In addition, at about 50mph the track sounds cut out altogether. The only thing I can think of is that I've added "-disableextrajointsounds" to my trainzoptions file to get rid of that annoying default auran click clack.

Any help would be appreciated

Are you running TS12 HF4? This has caused a number of assets that had sounds previously, that did not play properly or at all, to now sound a lot differently. JR may have also updated their sound files and specs too which have caused your train cars to be more audible.

I'm running TS12 build 61388, don't know about "HF4", I think I missed what that is. I'll try updating getting the latest sound file from jointedrail. Certainly hope they didn't update the sounds to play like they are now, because I can barely hear them!

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Replace the current values on the rrmods config to the Jr config
Min,max,and the 8 slots

What the heck does that mean?

min-distance 10
max-distance 10000

Isn't that big enough distance ?

the other config file numerals show at what speed the different wav files start to play
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