JR Limited Support Notice- 6/4/15 THRU 6/9/15


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JointedRail will be very limited for product support, if not completely unavailable, between 6/4/15 and 6/9/15. This is due to a move for 2 of our core members to a different state as well as I ( support guy) will be out chasing 611 this weekend.

We will resume normal support operations on 6/9/15. We will try to respond to you as quickly as possible upon our return 6/9, please do not send multiple emails during this time period we will respond in order received. Thanks!

Kevin was foaming the 611, Justin and I were working our tails off to get moved from Florida to Tennessee. Getting things setup now, will be back in full swing come Monday.


Moving? I do not envy you. The last time we moved was 28 years ago and I don't plan on moving again.

Please. I never moved in my life.

Anyways, forgive me for sounding inpatient, but when will the Club Car item of the month be updated? It's the 10th of June.
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. . . I were working our tails off to get moved from Florida to Tennessee. . .

I noticed that you moved to Athens. Did you smell the signature smell of the Bowater newsprint mill as you were nearing the Hiawassee River?

EDIT: I discovered that Bowater is actually a newsprint mill instead of a sewage treatment plant. But the smell you smell when you near Bowater, which sits next to the Hiawassee River, makes you think that it's the latter.
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