JointedRail stuff [screenshots/renders]

I agree completely

Same on the SP/D&RGW department. I was made aware of some new D&RGW equipment that was being worked on by you guys at JR about 3-4 years ago, a new SD50, SD45 and SD40T-2. I'm not sure what the statuses of those models are though cause those renders were posted back in 2019.

CR Quality B36-7s? Count me in! Are there other CR b-boats planned like B23-7s?

eventually these will be done, but ill be taking a short break to focus on a couple other locomotives im working on.

YEEEEESSSSSS, hopefully a Seaboard boat to follow!

absolutely! worth noting that only a few ex-conrail units made it into CSX paint proper. many of these B36-7s ended up in Brazil shortly after, and are likely still around in some form.
I'm curious, we've got the B23-7 and B36-7, will there be a B30-7 appearing sometime soon? Don't mean to sound greedy or gimmiepig-ish.
*Finishes making a Pay in 4 payment off*

Yay... no more things to worry about purchas---

*Sees new B Dash 7's on the way*

.... OH GOD DOGGIT!!!! Gotta work more hours. -_-
Just a quick question, will the 12 Cylinder 7FDL get a sound upgrade for any new B23-7s like the 16 Cylinder did for the new B36-7s