JointedRail stuff [screenshots/renders]


what's a normal map?
i just had to get a thread i could post wip things and new screenshots as i am always looking for input. this will of course cover payware and freeware objects and has no central theme except that it is content. if you post a screen in this thread all i ask is that it contains one of the jr items. its okay to have other content in the shot of course just that the jr stuff is subject of the shot. i just wanted to get a central location and not lose anything in the other threads. also, i would like to use some shots if anyone has them to go on the website's screenshot area, and unlike auran, i will ask the screenshot author before i use them. thanks for your interest.

now on to the fun stuff. there has been works on an EMD SD40-2 line recently. 'WHY more SD40s' you might ask, since everyone around including myself has made them already - well it just comes time to raise the bar every so often, and that challenge is just too good to pass up.

here are some renders with no special fx or lighting.




and a shot from in TRS


more shots from the game with these things actually doing something, if i ever get to play TS and stop working on them :)
I'm amazed. Two posts and no one has made a request for something or asked when they will be released. I'm impressed! :confused:

Seriously though. Outstanding job on these Justin.

_ <--- old bar new bar ---> - :cool:
ain't they sweet...... :)

Pretty sure I haven't posted this one anywhere...


Gp38-2 (Payware)
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Hey Justin, I got a Perfect P5 for the Southern and NS SD40-2's if you want it. I got it from a Southern GP30.

Are those two jewels payware or freeware?
Any of these screenshots of use to you Justin ??

I've got loads more, not just the C30-7's but, SD60 and SD60m also.....

Cheerz. ex-railwayman.

You don't know how much it pains me to not be able to purchase any payware at the moment. Maybe after the summer when I will have some cash from my job.

Beautiful High Hoods by the way.
Regarding your remarks about the SD40-2, coincidentally, I was having a look at different versions from several different authors side by side last night. Suffice to say that some older ones actually look better than some newer ones, but there is still room for improvement! Love your stuff!:)
I've been looking for this thread...!

:cool: Tooling back to Dante, VA on the Clinchfield RR is the Moss Turn...

I learned how to "hot-dog" the CSX C30-7 Stealth...

By idling a moment in notch-5, then opening the throttle to notch-6, you can get a real show...:hehe:

How can I configure the CSX C30-7 Bright Future to Flame?

Great Work!
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:cool: I have reviewed the folders & know what you mean...

It must be the smoke att. with the kuid number I presume...

Incidentally, don't edit JR loco's or anyone else's with ARN in'll have no numbers until you uninstall/update the TAD/reinstall...
Hello Justin,cool thread,Spent the morning railfanning the Tehachapi loop with some of your top notch content.Cheers Andrew:wave: