JMR issues still in surveyor


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Hello, ever since I've got trainz19 installed and even reinstalled, I've been having issues with the JMR ST/OS/NS signals not being lit in surveyor and also not letting me make the interlocking settings as nothing is there to change it as in route speed or switch direction.. Is there something in the file that needs to be changed? The signals do light up in driver mode but they are just using the automatic version which not as realistic when I for example want to take a siding with a diverge clear/approach indication. other forums has some sort of issue but I've tried it and they still don't work.. no idea if Justin Roth is still around to fix the issue. please help thank you. Also , other forums/discussions have not helped or work with my issue
I did the meshes, RRsignal did the script which doesn't work past TANE SP3. He won't be fixing the script so I have converted some signals to another type script. These new signals are named JMR GS, there are some on the dls but no Safetran just yet.
okay thank you. just sucks that I cant use the safetrans at the moment to have a realistic indications, for now ill just have to use others or just have a clear when diverging for time being. let me know when they become available? just courios why he wont be fixing script? too much work?

maybe use same scrips from other signals and put them in with the safetrans?

I did notice that a JMR 1-3-0 signal was made that's awesome for NS
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