Issues with the new US Truck Sounds


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First of all, my issue isn't with the actual sounds themselves; I think they're great, they really do add to the gameplay experience and they certainly do a lot to increase the realism of running any North American route.

Anyways, I installed the truck sounds last Sunday when I started getting back into Trainz and loved them throughout the week. The issue that has occurred came yesterday after purchasing both the American Intermodal and Midwest Grain content packs. Since then, freight cars have been missing many of the squeal effects, they play the default Auran sound over switch frogs, and often cut in and out and sound very choppy. On Midwest Grain, I ran into a script error that had the trucks playing the switch sounds over and over again. I'm going to attempt a re-install of both the sounds and the Train Effects Library as I think an older version packaged with AI might have caused these issues.

If anyone could shine a light onto why I might be having these errors, it would be greatly appreciated.

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EDIT: I've managed to recover the sounds the way I remember them in my switching session on the EWVR, with the squeal and more realistic sound in general, but I cannot seem to get the new sounds on Midwest Grain with a longer train. It is all the default TS12 sounds aside from the low speed brake sounds. What conditions must be met for the new sounds to occur?
(Using JR rolling stock only in each session)
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nothing. these are simple default-style truck sounds and are not script controlled or otherwise having anything to do with TFX.
I'm only using JR stock in the train, which is why I'm so confused. I'm using some of the exact same stock between maps yet the sounds are massively different. I'm just not sure as to why the sounds are being temperamental as they are simply just replacement sounds for any traincars using the default sounds... so why am I getting the default sounds!?

I'm going to try an EDR shortly, with hopes that I can determine a fix.

EDIT: Well, after an EDR and extensive testing, I've been able to determine that the only instance in which I am getting the default Auran bogey sounds is on Midwest Grain. Every other route seems to handle the new sounds fine, but Midwest Grain will not allow the sounds to work. I don't know if the tracksounds are determined within the config files of rolling stock themselves or by the route's region, but I'm hoping it's the latter as that's the easier fix.

Still don't get why though....
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