Is there anyway to list assets once placed on a route?


Is there a way, once in surveyor, that you can list specific bulk assets that have been installed on the route. For example, I am trying not to use payware in my Medicine Hat route but several items have crept in. I know I can list dep., in content manager and write them down and then go into surveyor, but I cannot figure out how or if I can use a drop down menu in surveyor and use a search criteria of "payware" and then it would list all the items I have added to the route that are payware. I don't think I can.
Hi Chris, you don't need to write them down. Just have CM showing dependencies of the route you are working on and scroll to the bottom of the list, any new assets you use will be appended to that as it auto updates the list as you work. It's then just a simple matter of using alt-tab or mousing over the CM icon on the task bar. I've found it's easier to route build in windowed mode for that purpose. When building I usually have TANE, CM, Google Earth and a pdf signal guide or grades chart open together and mouse over when needed. I also have the taskbar set to auto hide.

Edit: It also helps to sort the CM list by asset type eg. Installed from DLS, Built in etc
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Thanks for the reply Graeme, but that is what I am trying not to do. I was wondering if there was a way while actually in surveyor I could say "show me payware", it would list "house" and I could click on it and it would take me directly to it on the route so I could see what I am deleting, how it impacts the route, and what I need to replace it with. If I just use CM to nuke the object then I still have to search the route (in Polar Bear express that would be 250km worth) to find that object. I know you can say "find consists", it lists them, and then you can click on one and it takes you there; I was hoping for same for finding objects and such.
There is no simple locate asset function in surveyor that I know of, it would indeed be handy though.
I recommend posting the function you are interested in, Chris up in the Suggestion Boxcar forum.

There are other reasons why this would be useful as in copying a bunch of ATLS crossing bits while copying a nearby forest and end up pasting them all over a bunch of baseboards. As it is now the only way to find them is to manually walk the baseboards and search for these assets. If a locate an asset is available, it could be keyed in perhaps with a highlight or color, which turns the found assets on the route a bright orange or red. This would make finding that particular asset, as in the forest for example, much easier to locate and handle as needed.
I will post it in the suggestion area, it would indeed be handy. The thing that gets me is my search is set up for payware=false yet it still ended up in my route.
Hmm, I made the post, submitted it and it isn't there.

The post gets delayed going into the Suggestion Box forum as it has to be reviewed first. Usually the post gets posted very quickly once the moderators go through the list. Periodically I used to do that when I received the notifications.