Is there anyone any good at making signs?


Narrow gauge or nothing
Hi all,
Is there anyone out there that likes to make signage?
I absolutely stink at it and have just been lucky at the signs I've made so far.
I would like to thank those who appreciate my sign work but it's not something I do well.

I'd like a sign or two made occasionally to apply to my models and will give you all the credit for making it for me.
Credit is not an issue with me, you make it, you get the credit. That simple.

Right now, the only thing holding up this asset is the darn sign.


I want the words SHERIFF embedded into a wooden sign board in an old western type font. The .bmp file should be 128x64.
If you prefer raised lettering with shadows, that will work, too. There's a little leeway here at your particular artistic abilities.
Is anyone interested in helping me out a little, here, occasionally?

Here's an idea of the kind of lettering I'm looking for, only difference is they need to be in old western style;


Thank you in advance,


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Thanks, Mike. I will...:) (He he, I only have to search through 549 assets... LOL)

EDIT: Didn't find anything I could use as far as signage goes, although I did grab a couple other items...;) Thanks, again...:)


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I meant as far as the whole "doing" signs things. But glad ya found some use for some of my stuff. Now I'll see what I can do about getting your sign texture.
That's pretty cool, Mike. It looks a little 'brassy' although it appears to be wood. How'd you do that?

Here's my futile attempt at a sign. Notice, no body, no contrast, no depth...:eek:



Anyone wanting to give it a shot is very welcomed to do so.
You will get the credit when it's all said and done.

I'll leave this model aside for a few days as others my want to try 'to please me.' LOL

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Hey, Mike, can you engrave a SHERIFF sign, also?
Of course, I've re-skinned them so they don't look as they did in the above post.

Here's my first attempt at Meridious' signage. At least they have body and depth, now. I like it.


Thanks, Mike...

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