Is there a rule to...


...change cab views to the opposite engine in consists like the TGV, with engines at either end of the train. Once the train reaches the terminus (AI operation) and reverses, if you select that consist you then see where you have been rather than where you are going :p
Or is it something more obvious that I am missing?
For consists like the French TGV and the British HST (known as push-and-pull trains), all you have to do is simply go into outside view, left-click on the opposite power car and then hit cab mode. For single vehicles which have a cab at either end (like the British Class 37 or the British Deltic for example) go into cab mode and then hit ALT+C. Simple ;)
When you make the list for the A.I., can you tell the engineer to dismount at the station and go to another locomotive? That would be about the same thing.

:cool: Claude
Thanks for the replies everyone; the DriverCommand Change Train Direction does not seem to do anything in 2006 though.
Insulfrog's post tells you what you need to do ;)

If that's not the answer then you'll need to be more specific as to what you're trying to achieve.

If that's not the answer then you'll need to be more specific as to what you're trying to achieve.

I've redone the session 'Demo Show' for the layout of the same name by martinvk, it features 14 different consists. (This for an upcoming TotR show)
In cab view, when selecting different consists from the Driver Selection Panel it looks a bit funny to be in the trailing loco after the TVG reverses at its terminus and heads in the opposite direction.
I just want the view to be in the lead loco no matter what direction the consist is going. :eek:
Perhaps that helps: KUID2: 117667:83:2

Run-Around command that will first check the existence of any back-locomotive.
If one is present, driver is simply moved to that locomotive, otherwise, regular run-around is performed.
In all cases the driver is put in the new front-most locomotive, and train's logical forward is changed.