is there a download for the DNWP locomotives

recently ive been looking for some DNWP content but cant find any, is there still an archive or no.

P.S i cant download rollins pass route too and i only have the mallets :/
Rollins Pass winter has been pulled from the Trainz Italia site pending the release of an upgrade, you also need to be a member to download anything from that site.
It is now 2024, and I have heard the upgrade has finished from a TrainzItalia forum. But the map is something I would really like to be released, especially the locomotives. But I also heard that they can't upload it to Trainzitalia. So if anything new happens where you can download the route and trains, I would love to know.
It would be great to hear an update from TrainzItalia. Last I heard they had finished the update of the Whitepass and Yukon route, but it ended up as a 22 product, so no use to TRS19. I tried to ask for a confirmation on the forum but never got a response. Very disappointed if it went to 22, but understandable I suppose. I am also curious about Donner Pass and whether they will ever update the Sherman pass routes. Beggars can't be choosers, but we don't seem to get much word from Italy these days.
Hello from Italy!

The Rollins Pass is due to be released in a few days: we are carrying out some final tests attempting to prevent the many issues many US users had with the previous version because of the (exceedingly) large size of the CDP files.
This is a major reworking of the previous route and will feature:
  • compatibility with T:ANE, TRS19 and TRS22
  • the route (with a revised and prototypical track layout and hundreds of painstakingly researched new assets)
  • the whole roster of the DNWP locomotives, coaches, freight cars and MoW equipment (with the exception of the Mallets, which are already available at TrainZItalia)
  • pre-assembled consists of the most important trains running on the DNWP
  • more than a dozen sessions.
As regards to the WP&Y and the Donner Pass:
  • the old WP&Y became unavailable after a website crash that forced us to switch to Invision Power Board. We were told not to re-issue it, as a new version was being reworked by Jango, but we had no more news as he had some health issues.
  • the Donner Pass was retired because
  1. it was payware and - according to a new fiscal law in Italy - we should have turned our website into an e-commerce website (and believe me, you don't want to have to deal with the Italian Tax Agency :(). This is also the reason why we had to turn all of our content into freeware and to discontinue Gold Memberships.
  2. it requires a major overhaul to run properly in T:ANE and subsequent version (as a minimum, most trees must be replaced). As far as I know, Jango started working on it, then we had no more news from him.
We also plan to release an updated Sherman Hill at a later time: there is a T:ANE/TRS19 version, but the track layout requires much reworking, since in its actual condition is utterly unprototypical.
Carlo covered the topic well re the Rollins. I am the Team Lead on the project and DennR and I did the V2 Update last year and it will be available very soon. As Pendolino describes it is a process that takes time and care, we re did the file sizes and things should go smoothly for downloaders. We will provide support here on this forum and on TrainzItalia also to help during the new release. The V2 will feature some excellent new Sessions that DennR created and a fine new model of the Mallet custom made locomotive that was shorter than usual Mallets of that era (1910) because of the many curves and tunnels on the route at that time which replaces all of the Mallets in the stock pack and in consists and in the sessions as well. V2 should be here soon!

Jango is indeed one of the great route makers for Trainz and a very nice gentleman, he has encountered health issues and has not been able to work on updating other routes sorry to say. We pray for his recovery and send him our best wishes. We are honoured to be able to help present and support the Rollins 1910 route and his work which is so well hosted by TrainzItalia.

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I wonder if someone will revive TrainzItalia's Donner Pass route and put it onto the Download Station. If not, can someone or I make Donner Pass for TRS19 or 22? If you want me to do it, I should look at the videos that could help me
I wonder if someone will revive TrainzItalia's Donner Pass route and put it onto the Download Station. If not, can someone or I make Donner Pass for TRS19 or 22? If you want me to do it, I should look at the videos that could help me
I doubt TrainzItalia will upload the route to the DLS, however there's nothing stopping you or someone else from creating your own version of a Donner Pass route. If you were to embark on this really ambitious plan, I highly recommend purchasing TransDEM.

The investment in the software and the long learning curve will go a long way to creating a route that's more than an artistic impression of Donner Pass.
Hello folks, we had to retire the Donner Pass for the reasons I stated above (we would have to incorporate TrainZItalia as a regular e-commerce company, and all our accountants shrieked "Don't even think about it!"). Since then, the TS12 version can be purchased directly from Jango.

Some daring souls attempted importing it in TRS19, with mixed success.

As a minimum, the route requires the replacement of many vegetation assets, as it used pofig's trees, which do not work in T:ANE and subsequent versions. There are also some issues about a bunch of assets that behave pretty strangely in TRS19.

I have no news about the route and yes, I also would like to have it back, as I made a lot of sessions for the TS12 version and I would love running them in TRS19. I will ask Jango the next time I hear him.

P.S. The Rollins Pass is on the launch pad: I hoped to launch it for Easter but we had some last-minute technical glitches to solve.