Is it possible to set up multiple industry tracks to work together?


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Ended up posting this in the wrong thread by mistake previously, here it is in a more appropriate thread... :eek:

In setting up the industries on my current route, a few of them have separate loading tracks. My question is, is there a way for me to set up two or more BI3 or JR Multi Industry tracks so that they will feed into the same process? For example, can I have one track unload logs, use those logs to make lumber, then load it on a different track?
You can do that. You'll need to issue driver to/navigate to commands for each individual industry track.

There is a multi-industry new (MIN) asset, but I've never used that before. This will allow you to do what you want with a single industry track instead of many.
Hm, I think you might misunderstand.

So, in MSGsapper's BI2 tracks, there was a function you could activate that would allow products delivered on one industry active track to be 'exported' and consumed by a different track. My question is less about if trains will be able to navigate the tracks, but more if such a thing is possible with the new BI3 or JR Multi industry tracks. Part of why I ask, is because having multiple tracks for in-bound or out-bound cars adds operational interest, and may be necessary in some cases to fit all of the cars in a smaller area lengthwise. The second reason I ask, is that if I set up two different BI3/JR Multi tracks for the same industry, their inventories are not linked, which results in the industry still being able to produce and load commodities on the first track when the supplies it supposedly needs in order to do so could be empty without any adverse effect, simply because they are handled on the second track.
If you want, P.M. me with your e-mail, and I will send you an example of the set up using "Industry Link"