Is it okay?


Hello all, I've been having a BLAST with tume's Avery-Drexel route. I've enjoyed it so much that I spent the last 6 days hammering out a session for it. My question to the community is, do I need to get his approval before uploading the session to the DLS? I've never uploaded anything before, and I want to do the right thing. Opinions?

Cody, I would drop Tume a message requesting his permission as a matter of courtesy before releasing the session to the DLS. Apart from being good manners and noting that Avery-Drexel is payware Tume might have a license restrictions on how his Route might be used.
Since you are only uploading the session and not the route, there is absolutely no problem with doing so.
The route is just as much a dependency of the session as any of the rolling stock you used.