Is Basemapz included with Trainz Model Railroad 2017


I purchased Trainz Model Railroad 2017 last week and I think I read that Basemapz is included with in the game. I have looked at the Trainz Model Railroad 2017 folder and it is not there. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks for your help.

If you have the retail build, not the beta version, then basemapz is available in the extras folder.

Check C:\Program Files\N3V Games\Trainz Model Railroad 2017\extras, or wherever you have installed TMR2017.
I just purchased the download version and the only thing in the extras folder is the Tane manual. If I attempt to download and run it from the website, Windows says it doesn't recognize it and will not install the program. Any ideas? I'm running Windows 10. This is very disappointing. Thanks in advance.
I have the download version, downloaded it when it was released and Basemapz is in the Extras folder. Look wherever you have TMR17 installed. There is no mention of the T:ane manual in that folder. Try doing a windows search for it.


edit:- The one common factor is that you both have very recent copies. I wonder whether the online version has been replaced with Basemapz removed and the manual added.
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It should be in the extras folder of TMR17 as filename BasemapzSetup_092.msi However, you can check out Mike's website for the latest version which is currently BasemapzSetup_093.msi There is also info on how to use it although this is in the inbuilt help within the program too.
There is also an item in the Freeware Creations board here

Happy modeling.
Hi Peter, Good to hear from you. I just checked again... Trainz Model Railroad 2017/resources/ extras/ TANE Manual (pdf). All default directories.
Windows search has nothing for me.

@ raillpilgrim...I attempted to install from the site but windows doesn't like it and deletes the installer
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More puzzlement. My 'Extras' with the '' file is in the main folder with the 'exe' file, not in 'Resources'. That is where it was put by the install program. The manual is in the 'Resources/Extras' folder

On my system, the msi installer for BaseMapz is in the extras folder off the main folder. The manual is in the ..\resources\extras folder.

As I recall, I downloaded TMR17 from MyTrainz but I don't remember doing a separate install for BaseMapZ. The TMR17 installation process may have asked me if I wanted it installed.

For the OP: if you continue to have problems then I suggest you raise a help ticket.
I just checked in the main folder... nothing. There are two sub folders Data and Resources. Again, nothing. I'm wondering if it's there but just hidden by windows?? I went to the Basemapz site and attempted to download it to my desktop. I then go to my desktop and it's there... for a fraction of a second, then disappears without me even clicking on it. Maybe a security setting doesn't like it? I'll have to play around tonight
Try turning your Antivirus off and see if you can download it that way. Some AV try too hard to stop the nasties from creeping in.