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Okay, I know i am going to be called several names, but I am lost. Maybe i am just looking in the wrong places, but for the last couple of days, I have been trying to set up an iportal to go from my desktop to my laptop using two different routes with the same engine and coal hoppers. Since they both are the same copy of Trainz 2006, it that the problem? Do I need two different copies of Trainz 2006? If so, I can fix that by buying another copy. Can someone help. I have read several tutorals but none addressed this question. Trainz is so much fun, but i think this will make it more fun. Thanks in advance.
I've been trying to find people to share trainz over the internet. I've lined up about five consists full of goods, then sent them to myself but a different portal name, then hours later log back on and recieve them in a different map using the portal name I sent them to. Kinda funny, I know, but there's never anyone on.
kinda sorta what i want to do but i want to use two computers at the same time. Sending a train load of coal from one computer to the one beside it. I would offer to receive your trains but sometimes i go for a week without using trainz :'(
I would like to program excell spreadsheet with a list then send them to my boy He's 5 yrs and i don't want him on the internet yet. he does really good with surveyor, loopty loops and stuff. I uploaded Bayou Country from the manager, it's just right for the kid unless they get to many trains in one spot.
I don't mind the centralized content control, keeps the quality high and content clean. But it would be hard to justify paying for more content without the ability program the physics. For example running a reliable server.
From where I work I can see the RR tunnel to Canada that goes under the river. One day a trainz went by and on the back was a hobo who was yelling, "GOIN TO crosstie53. I yelled what iportal and he yelled back, "Default". He then Disappeared into the tunnel. This struck me as unusual because normally it's strange people sneaking into Michigan from the tunnel.
If you are running both machines at the same time, you need 2 copies with 2 different serial numbers and 2 usernames. I do that all the time here at home with 4 different computers.
Thanks Mouse, that is what I thought. I will make it happen. And I Thought I was a trainz nut when I bought a new laptop just to run trainzs on :) . From an ex-ICG Trainman,,,,, many thanks
crosstie53, you try another laptop and new software and I'll try searching Trainz dll's to find what IP address and port number the software is exchanging with.