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I have been working on a session where the player train is a double stack intermodal train. I have used the InstantLoad_12,<kuid2:45324:555017:4> during session development and I get a different container combination on each wellcar but I have had reports from some Beta Testers that they are getting a single container type (double stack) on all the wellcars. Those guys are using InstantLoad_13,<kuid2:45324:555017:6>.

I have now proved that InstantLoad_13,<kuid2:45324:555017:6> loads only one randomly selected load to all cars as the default when installed from the cdpfrom the JR website. To all intents and purposes this is the same as the original InstantLoad,<kuid2:67585:1017:2>. Can you please advise if it is possible for me to use _13 to produce the result shown in the first shot rather than the second shot?



I have now proved that InstantLoad_13,<kuid2:45324:555017:6> loads only one randomly selected load to all cars as the default when installed from the cdpfrom the JR website.

I don't know what you proved other than you may not have the correct one in use. The instant load 13 works just fine loading a random container or containers along the whole train. If you are using cars other than the cars on our site we cannot guarantee results will be what you're looking for. Also you will want to make sure you are using at minimum build 61388. You will also want to make sure you have all the container packs installed as well.

Thanks for that insight,

Based on your reply I have simply proved that the rule _13 will not work with cars and loads available from the DLS. The cars and loads are all installed and I have TZ12 B61388. I have developed the session so that only assets available on the DLS are used to minimise the risk of missing dependencies when the majority of users download and install the session.

You have adequately answered my question, thank you. I will work with rule _12 and simply allow the users who have rule_13 installed live with the load that is selected at random by the rule although it will detract from the eye candy of a mixed load of containers for them.

Thanks again for your time and trouble, the information you provided is invaluable.
can you provide what cars you are trying to load? I can see if i can reproduce the problem you are seeing. It appears that the cars are not being identified as container cars and instant load 13 tries to load cars that are coupled together with the same materials as a real train would probably be loaded and blocked and in this case it identifies your train as a unit train. This is more for any other type of car than a container wellcar. For instance, a hopper car carrying corn would not necessarily have a hopper car carrying cement and then a hopper carrying beans coupled to it. IL is trying to block them together with similar commodities. I have tried to have it identify cars from other authors but as expected I cant have everyone's items installed at all times.

I checked the code and it appears that the way to go is either force random on these or modify their queue containers so that it can recognize them as container cars. the only other car types that are forced random so far are autoracks, spine cars, and TOFC flats. I will also add a chance modifier to the randomization to split the blocking up a little in the next release, so if you hurry I can get your change in.

as a side note: Instant load command is separate from the core library now and is easily updated so the actual change will occur in <kuid2:45324:555110:2>.
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Here is the list of kuid's from the config for the train and the loads used in a single load queue load 0

and the loads
Intermodal Load 1 for my Wellcar (Product),<kuid:101046:100486>
Intermodal Load 1 Wellcar (Product) BLUE,<kuid:359354:101607>
Intermodal Load 10 for my Wellcar (Product),<kuid:101046:100664>
Intermodal Load 10 Wellcar (Product)GRAY\BLUE,<kuid:359354:101628>
Intermodal Load 11 for my Wellcar (Product),<kuid:101046:100676>
Intermodal Load 12 for my Wellcar (Product),<kuid:101046:100702>

Intermodal Load 14 for my Wellcar (Product),<kuid:101046:100759>
Intermodal Load 15 for my Wellcar (Product),<kuid:101046:100760>
Intermodal Load 16 for my Wellcar (Product),<kuid:101046:100763>
Intermodal Load 17 for my Wellcar (Product),<kuid:101046:100767>
Intermodal Load 18 Wellcar (Product) LINA MEXICANA,<kuid:359354:101635>
Intermodal Load 19 Wellcar (Product) FERROMEX,<kuid:359354:101641>

Intermodal Load 2 for my Wellcar (Product),<kuid:101046:100513>
Intermodal Load 2 Wellcar (Product) BOXCAR RED,<kuid:359354:101606>
Intermodal Load 20 Wellcar (Product) FERROMEX- LINEA MEXICANA,<kuid:359354:101643>
Intermodal Load 3 for my Wellcar (Product),<kuid:101046:100515>
Intermodal Load 3 Wellcar (Product) GREEN,<kuid:359354:101605>
Intermodal Load 4 for my Wellcar (Product),<kuid:101046:100522>
Intermodal Load 4 for Wellcar (Product) RED\BLUE,<kuid:359354:101612>
Intermodal Load 5 for my Wellcar (Product),<kuid:101046:100554>
Intermodal Load 5 for Wellcar (Product) GREEN\RED,<kuid:359354:101613>
Intermodal Load 6 for my Wellcar (Product),<kuid:101046:100555>
Intermodal Load 6 Wellcar (Product) BLUE\GREEN,<kuid:359354:101623>
Intermodal Load 7 for my Wellcar (Product),<kuid:101046:100651>
Intermodal Load 7 Wellcar (Product) BOXCAR RED\ GREEN,<kuid:359354:101624>
Intermodal Load 8 for Wellcar (Product)GRAY\GRAY,<kuid:359354:101627>
Intermodal Load 9 Wellcar (Product) BLUE\RED,<kuid:359354:101625>

The loads are set up as shown here:
Just to make it clear, I had the issue reported by a MAC TS2 user and a PC TZ12 b61388 user who have been working with me to ready this session and I eventually identified I had the built-in _12 rule and they both had the _13 rule installed so this morning I have installed _13 in one TZ12 b61388 installation and proved that the issue is consistent and related to the use of the _13 rule. I do not think you will have a problem reproducing the results I posted above.
I wont, the problem is how the cars are configured by the author. I have sent via PM a test core that should resolve the issue.
The type of Loads have nothing to do with InstantLoad, it merely uses what is in the config of the asset. If you want the cars to load giant potatos it will do that just fine. The only thing that really matters is the car type, which is core attempts to find by the name for the queues in the config. Since you only specified one queue for every load type, the IL core script assumed it was a typical car like any other and not a container wellcar. I wish you had consulted on this one Dave, but I think I have a fix for it. The core should arrive on the DLS with a few other improvements to the command asset for localization.

All the cars and loads in the consist are either your own or repaints of your originals.

We used them for several reasons; the availability on the DLS, The accuracy based on the video of the session we at TZIT are trying to create. It also has yours and David Ackridge's UP ES45 / 44 locomotives as they were the closest and best on the DLS to match the actual Intermodal train. I am please to say that NS37 has come up with a fix that allows all players to see the variations in container types and colours we intended for this session.

I have one final issue of permissions to resolve and the session will be ready and I will make an announcement as soon as that is resolved. The release date is 19-11 and that has significance for the session as will soon become clear.
Hi Denn. I think the solution to your problem is simple. If you use the load random command on the rule, then it will only load random railcars, with the blocking which sounds like the issue here. :). You need to select load all and it will load all of the train. Do not select the load all no doublestack command, as this will only load the well cars with single stacks.
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found the problem and fixed it guys (explained above) it was simple and i just force random anything named wellcar now. updates were uploaded to DLS and will arrive soon.
found the problem and fixed it guys (explained above) it was simple and i just force random anything named wellcar now. updates were uploaded to DLS and will arrive soon.

Thanks for the fix. CG wellcars and TOFC cars suffered the same bug I believe.
Well from my perspective it isn't a bug but a problem with how the cars are configured. I did try to catch every situation I could think of, but as usual in coding you leave something out or don't think of some way another person might do it. That's the joy of programming.
Thank you very much for all of your help norfolksouthern37: it is greatly appreciated!

As both big fan and user of JR content and a TZIT Dream Team member working on the upcoming session for Donner Pass, I really appreciate how quickly you responded in helping resolve the InstantLoad issue we were experiencing. Thank you for all of your time and help!

This sort of communication and team work really makes for a good day for all Trainzers. :cool:

Well done and thank you again.

Best Regards and Happy Trainzing

Also great thanks in advance to all the generous wonderful content creators out there who share their stuff with the DLS: you help make creating sessions both a joy and breeze to do so by your efforts! [And hopefully none will construe that as a knock against JR in any way; of course ns37 is one of those folks who share generously through the DLS]
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